Oct 02

What’s Your Favorite Food?

Posted by Katie on Oct 02 2014

Do you remember as a kid being asked in grade 3-5 what your FAVORITE food was?
I do.
Most of my classmates responses were pizza, ice cream and spaghetti.
Just yesterday I was asked this very same question and I couldn’t help but laugh from my belly to the heavens.
As a self-declared foodie one would assume I’d be able to answer that question with ease but you know what?
I couldn’t!
Well, more specifically I couldn’t name just one particular food.
“If I’m in the mood to cheat, I love a spinach and feta pizza from Western Pizza with a Greek Salad.”
“If I’m in the mood for comfort food, I love homemade macaroni and cheese with breadcrumbs AND fried onions.”
“If I’m feeling saucy I LOVE pad thai with extra hot peppers.”
“If I’m feeling the need for veg, there’s nothing better than a huge homemade stir-fry loaded with baby corn.”
“In the fall I love baking homemade bread and smothering a fresh-out-of-the-oven slice with peanut butter…And then making french toast thereafter.”
“And let’s not forget cinnamon or chocolate.  Anything with cinnamon or chocolate has my most full and adoring attention.”
The person who asked the question I’m sure regretted it as soon as I pulled up a chair and pulled out a flip chart and multicoloured sharpies :lol:
Looking back on it now, when someone would ask me as a child what my favourite food was, I was indecisive because I didn’t appreciate it.
I’m indecisive now because I appreciate every lick, every smell, every nibble and every bowl of leftovers.
What’s YOUR favourite food?

Oct 01

Happy October!

Posted by Katie on Oct 01 2014

It’s the most wonderful time (besides Christmas) of the year!

Don’t worry…That picture from yesterday’s post is NOT of a current Christmas tree…It’s from last year ;)

Oh Autumn…How I love thee…Pumpkin scented everything, crisp cool air, naked trees, the holidays, bowls full of warm, filling comfort food, cozy sweaters, scarves that hug you, cinnamon-well-everything, bouquets of newly sharpened pencils, etc.

This past weekend I was working and I attended a fantastic wedding (very late night followed by a very early morning).  Only now does it feel like I am caught up on my sleep!

This morning I woke up and had the energy to workout!!!  I truly needed it folks.  I love a good lazy day but I can honestly say that my mood and general demeanour are greatly affected by my activity level (Jeff will confirm this in a New York Minute….OooOoooOoo!)

Today’s workout was 4 Fast Miles with Leslie Sansone and it was exactly what I needed it to be.  Cardio filled yet gentle.

I was absolutely famished this morning so a bowl of Shredded Wheat and Bran with banana, cinnamon and almond milk was my go-to breakfast.

That is a terrible iPhone photo but rest assured, my Canon is back on my kitchen counter, just DYING to be used for the amazing Fall Recipes I have for you!

Happy October everyone!

It could SNOW any day here and that warms my cockles :)

Sep 30


Posted by Katie on Sep 30 2014

Well folks, the buyer changed their mind at the last minute.

Our house is no longer sold :)

In reality, we wanted to list the house in 2015 and decided to bump that up  a year.  Perhaps 2015 was when we were supposed to list it, and we will find that out.

I’m confident in saying life is now officially going to get back to normal, and with that comes my blogging.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with RFKW even with my lack of attention.

The cookbooks are being brought home this weekend and it will then be ON!

ALSO!  61 days until we go to Disney World.  61 days!!!

And as I type this I am listening to Josh Groban sing Oh Holy Night.

Too early?  Perhaps.  But not for this family.

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