Jul 20

I Love the Smell of Pancakes in the Morning

Posted by Katie on Jul 20 2014

Good morning!

Ours is just beginning but it’s been glorious thus far.

We have plans to go out and trim some trees and chop some wood today.  And try to get our yard up to snuff.

As I type this I am munching on some Kodiak Cakes (with cinnamon and blueberry thrown into the mix!) topped with Earth Balance butter, banana and my homemade granola.

I love the smell of pancakes in the morning.

Jul 19

Shaken Not Stirred

Posted by Katie on Jul 19 2014

Happy weekend my lovelies!

Mine started with a lovely dinner yesterday night with my bestie, Janet.

Cocktails (shaken not stirred) were sipped on:


Bouillabaisse was savoured:


And the movie, Begin Again, was watched. I loved the soundtrack!

Today I woke up, went for a bike ride to my folks place, stayed all day watching Halloween movies.

For supper I ate leftover southwestern Mediterranean salad!


Now we are watching Something’s Gotta Give! One of our favourite summer movies!

Jul 16

A Flavour Party

Posted by Katie on Jul 16 2014

I have been craving southwestern black bean salad like crazy lately!

But I was also craving feta and black olives…

What a dilemma!

So I decided to have both ;)

In the mix are chickpeas, black beans, corn niblets, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese and shredded cabbage with a roasted red pepper dressing!

It was a flavour party.

Bye for now!

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