Oct 14

A Thanksgiving Recap!

Posted by Katie on Oct 14 2014

MERCY I had a food hangover this morning.

This entire weekend was a weekend of indulgence and though I enjoyed every single lick and nibble, I was in dire need of REAL nutritious food this morning, and a good workout!

Saturday was our first Thanksgiving supper and I devoured an asian salad, a seafood pasta salad and a bun:

Dessert was ice cream sundaes!  I didn’t eat the waffle bowl though…

Sunday morning started with a scary movie (no joke) and breakfast!

PB & J toast, fruit:

OH! And Christmas fruitcake.  FOR BREAKFAST.  Aye-yi-yi!

Lunch was late but delicious…Mom’s homemade soup with a dollop of Helluva Good dip!

Oh and somewhere in between there was a decaf coffee!!!

We spent the day watching an obscene amount of scary movies.

When it was time for a break, we watched The Walking Dead and ate supper.  Messed up right?

Pre supper munchies:

And supper was lazy man cabbage rolls, leftover salad and veggies:

And dessert put me over the top.  WAY too much.  Ice cream sundae.

Yesterday morning began the same as Sunday.  Even breakfast was the same, with a flaky cinnamon bun!

And lunch was leftover salads again!

For supper we went to Jeff’s folks place for traditional turkey dinner!  I didn’t take a photo but it was the most reasonable thing I ate all day :)

AND for dessert?

PUMPKIN PIE.  Worth every calorie folks!

I can honestly say I have never craved a workout and smoothie more than I did  this morning.

And workout I did and smoothie I drank.

MmMm spinach.

That was the leftover smoothie that didn’t fit into my to-go cup!

I have the day off today and it’s been fantastic.  Hair appointment, Walmart, house cleaning, laundry, muffin baking…

I have a tea date this evening and then it’s back to work for 2 days!

See ya!

Oct 13

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Katie on Oct 13 2014

From our house to yours, happy turkey day!

Enjoying every bite.

See you tomorrow for a full recap.

Oct 11

Amuse Bouche

Posted by Katie on Oct 11 2014


To my fellow Canadians I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving weekend!  To my American readers, I wish a very happy regular weekend :)

Last night was the kick off to mine and my Bestie Janet’s Globe season!

We ate at 20 Ten, a hip and trendy Downtown restaurant, with amazing ambience and even better food!

I drank a glass of Italian Pinot Grigio (which I did not photograph apparently!)

And we began with amazing an Amuse Bouche.  For the record, anytime anyone says AMUSE BOUCHE I think of Samantha from Sex and the City saying “I’d like him to Amuse MY Bouche.”  Dirty?  Sure.  But hilarious!

These amuse bouches were brought to us unexpectedly and they were absolutely delightful!  Sweet baby pepper filled with goat cheese and topped with smoked salmon, mustard something (we don’t know what it was) and fresh dill.  MERCY!!!

A little bite of heaven:

We each ordered a chicken entree, I ordered the Sea Meets Bay, a beautifully tarragon infused chicken thigh, lobster gnocchi and seasonal vegetables all with a tarragon marsala au jus.  WOW!

The portion was perfect (our plates weren’t full and it actually left us room for dessert!)

Which for me was a crustless apple cinnamon cheesecake in a glass.  There. Are. No. Words.  It was a tad rich so I couldn’t finish it but what I did eat was splendid.

Our waitress was charming, our wine was fabulous, our meals were over the top good.

So to my fellow Reginans or Saskatchewanians, check this place out.  We most certainly will be back!

And as for the show, well, the costumes were superb (1920′s dresses and pants stole the show for me!  LOVED IT!) and the acting was fantastic…BUT the language was Shakespearian and I couldn’t understand 3/4 of the show.  Oh well, a night out with Janet is a very special blessing in my world.

Today we are heading to our cottage to close shop (we didn’t end up doing it last weekend!) and then it’s a food and family filled weekend.  We will be staying with my folks and going to Jeff’s folks place on Monday for dinner.

I have an extra long weekend (I took Tuesday off in addition to Monday) so life couldn’t be better!

I will check in later when we are at the lake!

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